Friends and Fam

Here be links to all the talented bands, musicians and writers who have been part of This is Yours’ projects and events, or have let us be part of theirs, and some other nice people who’ve helped us out along the way.

Phil Bold – Fine, fine, fine graphic design.

The London Fields – Possibly E8′s best power pop quintet.

Bruno Diaz – Poetry and prose. Travel, culture and cocktails.

There’s More of Us Than There Are of You – Cosmic world music from Stoke Newington.

Netil Market – One of London’s best street markets, according to Time Out.

The Gs – Genre-busting, fun-time party tunes.

Bob Karper – Hackney perfomer, accordion player, and fringe theatre veteran.

The No Sorrows – Heartfelt folk, psyche and shoegaze from N16.

Johnny du Toit – Modern pop, rock and folk.

London Fields Radio – In a booth, in a cafe, near London Fields, a radio revolution is taking place.

Morviscous – Post-rock, jazz-core, call it was you will, it’s all good.

Richard Watkins – Sketches, thoughts and poems all a speciality.

Louise Golbey – Uber-talented soul jazz singer.

Rescue Cat – Two words for you: Luxury Pop.

Robin Sherwood – An erstwhile musician now writing a book about his unusual childhood.

The Second Floor Cafe – Anti-pasti, Italian coffee, comfy sofas – what more could you want?

Comet Sands – Cosmic Kraut Pop from Finny P.

Dept. of Coffee and Social Affairs – Strong coffee and friendly service, what’s not to like?

Pat Long – Writer, music journalist and general dapper man about town.

Rosie Blake – Superlative fashion photography from Clapton, East London.

Harry Wooler – Beautiful and elegiac poetry from South London.