THISIS15 – Eurovision Me and You and Everyone We Know, May ’11

In an attempt to help UK pop heart throbs Blue achieve Eurovision glory, we arranged this night for everyone to focus their cosmic energy on the face of Lee Ryan and send out positive vibes to the lads in Dusseldorf.

There were debut sets from Rising Comet and Comet Sands – both of whom were awesome – plus The London Fields gave us their usual load of three minute power pop fun, and Something Beginning With L showed everyone that women can most definitely out guitar any bloke you’d care to mention.

And in some kind of bastard yacht rock karaoke remake of the final scene from Scorsese’s The Last Waltz, all the bands got on stage at the end and sang this. Which was actually a lot better than sounds when written down here.

Unfortunately these jokers won. Better luck next time, Blue.

Thanks to Celine Lefevre for the excellent photographs.