THISIS1 – The London Fields “This Is Yours” LP

The London Fields are a band from Hackney in East London who make fun and bombastic indie music that rocks, but gently.

Naming their album “This Is Yours” after graffiti that once adorned London Fields Lido, they got friends, freecyclers and local shops to collect and donate enough materials to make hundreds of handmade album sleeves. They then held two parties where, under the influence of barbequed meat and free booze, their nearest and dearest were kind enough to form a production line churning out said album covers.

May 2010 saw 500 copies of the album given away, with 100 tied to the fences of the actual London Fields to spell out the title “This is Yours”, and left for people to take. Albums were also hung from the park’s trees and launched into the sky on balloons, while an international network of friends left copies in glamourous locations like New York, Bonn and Preston.

In the spring of 2010 The London Fields also took to the roof tops of E8 for their first gig. Thankfully the rain held off, the neighbours didn’t call the police, and the assembled throng were kind enough to clap.

Such antics got The London Fields mentioned by the likes of Creative Review and Dorset Cereals, and tweeted about by The Empty Shops Network.

You can download the whole album, “This Is Yours”, for free by clicking here.