THSIS14 – The Swell Brothers on London Fields Radio

The Swell Bros, DJs Andy and Bruno, have been blamed by old skool Hackney locals for ruining The Dolphin with their funk and soul night Swell, turning the pub from a sleepy lock-in boozer to a late night destination for the likes of Kimberley Stewart.

Please forgive them their sins, though, and instead click here to check out the quality tunes they’ve been dispensing during their shows on London Fields Radio. If you could ignore their whiffy in-between song banter, though, that would probably be for the best.

The Swell Bros. Andy and Bruno

Without wanting to go all Radio 4, these shows were This is Yours productions for London Fields Radio. Executive producers were Sarah Bates and Kate Hutchinson. Wow, that sounded a bit professional, like.